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Sass & Bide . MARCS . David Lawrence Hair & Makeup for eComm

As a Sydney makeup artist, working on eCommerce (ecomm) is a huge part of my job. In a digital landscape where online sales reign supreme, creating captivating content is not just a task for brands but an ongoing necessity. I work with many brands in the eCommerce field from high fashion brands like Sass & bide & MARCS to eyewear brands like Bailey Nelson & Specsavers to more high street brands like Aldi & Big W. Each have their own aesthetic & branding so hair & makeup needs to stay within that frame, Understanding the brand ethos, target demographics is important.

This was an ecommerce shoot with Sass & Bide, makeup brief is always, Natural glowing skin, brushed up full brows, I like to set with Brow freeze by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Hair is soft waves, we shot some jewellery as well so the hair needed to be kept tucked away behind the ears & fly aways always need to be maintained.

Choosing the correct hairspray is Essential on Ecommerce Shoots, it needs to be Brush-able, lightweight & soft. Sometimes there are 100+ outfits and each time the model changes the hair gets disturbed. So you need to be able to brush, reset and spray again each time. I love to use Oribes Superfine hairspray for this, its super lightweight, not sticky and brushes out.

The hair needs to look good from every angle, as photos of front, side & back are all taken, keeping onto of your touch ups is important, brows and lippy checks are essential. Try not to use lip glosses that are too glossy unless requested as the hair can get stuck & it can transfer to Clothes really easily.

This was a cute Ecommerce shoot for Bailey Nelson, The brief was natural makeup & soft waves. I love the shots from this shoot, so fun! When shooting eyewear the eye makeup needs be soft as not to distract from the glasses, so no harsh liner, super blended soft neutral eyeshadows, if you choose to use lashes then they need to be super natural, ideally knot free so you can’t see any joins. I love the Model rock Knot free individual lashes.

Below is from a shoot with Aldi, again the brief is natural glowing makeup, utilising natural curls, when shooting underwear you need to make sure the skin on the body is hydrated, I like to use a tanning mitt to apply moisturiser, it feels good for the model, less invasive and also keeps your hands from getting oily incase you quickly need to touch up hair or makeup.

Sydney makeup artist for ecommerce

Cute BTS I took on the last Aldi shoot

Nicola Johnson is a freelance hair & makeup artist based in Sydney, to book directly please contact on


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