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Bronzed makeup Tutorial

Up close look at 90’s inspired bridal makeup, taking inspiration from the warm matte browns used in the 90’s but giving it a modern twist. This blown out smokey brown eye with smudged black kohl is perfect for those brides who want something a little more sultry.

Key Hacks you will learn

  • Creating a ‘blown out’ smokey eye
  • Working with matte browns & smudged kohl 
  • Using similar colours on the cheeks for a monochromic look
  • Using a brows soap to set the brows up for a editorial feel 
  • individual lashes 

With these key hacks, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous blown out smokey eye, work with matte browns and smudge kohl for a sultry effect, achieve a monochromatic look using similar colours on the cheeks, use a brow soap for an editorial feel, and apply individual lashes for added drama. These techniques will help you create a stunning and unique makeup look that is perfect for any occasion. Have fun experimenting and let your creativity shine!

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