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Dior, Margaret Zhang, Zoe Cross! Need I say more! Working on the new short film created by Margaret Zhang for the new Poison Girl perfume was definitely a career highlight for me. Margaret produced the short film, Chasing Poison, which was created to co-inside with the launch of Poison Girl, the fashion house’s latest fragrance.


Margaret-Zhang-DIOR-Poison-Girl-4 copy Margaret-Zhang- elle

Beauty notes (above)

Foundation – Dior Nude Air

Concealer – Dior Star Concealer

Mascara – Dior OverCurl

Dark Lip For Margaret  –  Dior Rouge – 786  Mysterious Mauve

DIOR Campaign

Beauty notes for Zoe

Skin – I mixed Dior ‘Glow maximiser’ (a iridescent primer) with Dior ‘nude air’ foundation & massaged it into Zoes skin with my hands, melting it in. I then buffed over the skin with a dome shaped buffing brush creating a flawless even, luminous finish.

Eyes – I Prepped the eye with the back stage pro’s Fix it – which is a 2in1 primer for the eyes and lips, used on the eyes it cancelled out and redness leaving the perfect canvas for my favourite Dior Eyeshadow Pallet  – ‘Cuir Cannage’.

Lips – Another Dior faviourite of mine is the Dior Rouge lipstick 169 Grege – this for me is the perfect nude lipstick – a hint of pink to offset the beige! divine!

You can check out the full film on

SMA xx

Zoe cross / Margaret Zhang


Director / Stylist // Margaret Zhang

DOP // Justin Besser

Actors // Zoe Cross, Jai Stevens

Hair // Luke Davis

Makeup // Nicola Johnson


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