Modern day 60’s makeup
A few weeks ago I shot for online fashion magazine – Lovage. Our Stylist for the day was Maggie Ye, who writes the fashion Blog La petit mademoiselle and Photographer Thomas James Malek was behind the lens, Model Sophie Jones made it all come to life. The inspiration for the shoot was the swinging 60’s and the hair and makeup was to be heavily influenced by this awesome era. My gorgeous model Sophie has the perfect look for this 60’s theme, bleach blonde hair, beautiful wide eyes and a stunning array of freckles! – adorable!I I started with a softer take on 60’s makeup by using matte hues of cream, pinks and brown’s to create that 60’s defined socket line, along with the extended liquid liner flick. As the shoot progressed I went down the 60’s Mod route – creating that iconic twiggy look by using a faux lash along the bottom lash line.
When I think of 60’s makeup I think opaque pink zinc-style lips, matte contoured eyes, and those iconic Twiggy lashes. Its such an beautiful look, but unless your going to a 60’s fancy dress party you may get a few funny looks.
Here’s how to rock modern day 60’s makeup without looking like an extra from an Austin powers movie:
Pick one aspect of the 60’s makeup and keep everything else simple.
LIPS – Try MAC’s matte lipstick in ‘Please me’ – this has pinky undertone so great for people who have a naturally pale lip. For those who have blue/red undertones in your lips either conceal your lips first or try a more nude/natural pale lipstick like – Tom Ford’s lipstick in Blush nude. Powder over the top to create a matte finish




EYE’S – The soft matte contouring of the socket line looks gorgeous and can be adapted to suit every eye shape and then incorporated into your everyday makeup looks.

Tip – Make sure that you have primed your eyelid, either with concealer/foundation and then powder your lid with translucent powder. Alternatively try one for my favorite products –  and eye primer  – I love the paint MAC paints & Paint pots. For a great 60’s neutral colour – use ‘Paintily’ (this is also great for bridal makeup) If you have darker skin go for a warmer base like ‘Bamboo’ also by MAC.

Sweep a wash of a neutral matte eyeshadow all over your lid, if your fair use a creamy colour, on my model Sophie I used ‘Brule’ by MAC. Again if your darker skin try something warmer like ‘fresco’ by Laura Mercier.

Then find the natural crease of the your eye, using a small fluffy brush and a matte taupe colour, apply the colour to the crease of your eye with a windscreen wiper action, back and forth until you have a soft well blended contour line. Stop there or repeat the action with a slightly darker brown or a tiny amount of black if you have darker skin, if you wanted to create a more dramatic look. Try Omega by MAC for a great contouring colour, and ‘Cafe au lait’ by Laura Mercier if your slightly darker skin.

Finish with Lashings of mascara.

EYELINER – to open up your eye use an off-white or cream eyeliner along the water line, this is much softer than the iconic white liner associated with 60’s makeup. This is also a great tip if you are looking a bit tired! Try MAC’s ‘Chromamatic’ pencil in nc15/nw20.


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