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Winter Skin SOS

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Check out a winter Skin Tutorial I filmed with the beautiful Margarita Merkel from The Blonde Avenue by clicking here – its pretty funny as well as informative! 😉



Winter can wreak havoc on our skin, as the days get cooler our skin gets put under more stress. Your skin adjusts to the cold temperatures outside but constricting the capillaries to keep you warm, then suddenly your inside with artificial heating and your skin adjusts again dilating the capillaries to cool you down. Press repeat on this and you can end up with redness, sensitivity and broken capillaries! Not fun!


There is also windburn resulting in dry, chapped lips – ouch! Winter sun – oh how we love it! (Que standing in direct sunlight to feel the intoxicating rays on your face – it feel great – I get it!) but it catch you off guard if your not wearing sunscreen causing sunburn, premature ageing & pigmentation.

There are a few simple things that you can add to your skincare routine to help you through the winter months.

1 – Up your exfoliating game –  Skin gets sluggish in winter which can leave you looking dry and sallow, so you need to exfoliate more to combat this. For an instant on the go exfoliator try Dermalogica’s Daily Resurfacer. I’ve mentioned these beauties  before – but they really are incredible! No mess, no need for water. Individually measured and packaged they contains alpha/beta hydroxy acids & enzymes to smooth the skin.

2 – Hydrate  – Spritz the skin with a Mineral Water Spray these cooling mists rehydrate skin
and cab be used to revive makeup! try the Evian 

Best serums - winter skin3 – Introduce a serum or oil – Serums can penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, giving you more hydration, plumping out fine lines and brightening skin. I’m in love with the Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Capsules  –  these Individually prepped gems are pre measured to ensure the perfect application. Instantly hydrating and soothing, without the heavy ‘oil’ feeling. Apply to clean skin before your moisturiser

4 – Protect  – Always use a day cream with SPF – the sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing, just as damaging as in summer. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream spf15
snowflake I was totally sucked in by the name – magic cream – who doesn’t want a magic cream!  But this product really does deliver! It has quite a thick consistancy, which can be daunting for more combination skins (like myself) but as it melts into the skin it is Instantly absorbed leaving the skin plump, dewy and nourished! Heaven!


5 – Weekly Treat  – Adding a weekly mask to you routine can do wonder. I love the SK-II – Facial Treatment Mask  – This is like having a facial in your own home! A super hydrating sheet mask enriched with Pitera essence (known for it’s moisture boosting properties) Deeply hydrates your skin, giving instant results, leaves skin nourished & radiant. Horrah!

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Photography // Walter Maurice

Model // Gigi @ Pricillas

Hair & Makeup // Nicola Johnson