Strobing is the new black

Srobing Sorry Kim Kardashian  – Contouring is out – yay! Strobing is in! Shining light onto the highest points of your face to illuminate, lift & brighten. Accentuating your best features – just like highlighting, only with extra highlight & not a contour brush in sight!.

Prep – If you want to go for a super highlighted effect then start off with a iridescent primer or moismac-strobe-creamturiser – MAC’s Strobe cream is a great place to start – this
\product has been around for years & doesn’t disappoint. Then apply your foundation, & use a light reflective under eye concealer, (I love the YSL ‘RadiantTouch’ or L’Oreal’s ‘Lumi Maquique’).


I have found that it’s best to use a mixture of cream highlighters with different textures in order to create a 3D effect!

Cheekbones  – Go heavy on the cheekbones – I Love the Liquid Illuminator’s by NARS  – 5 shades to choose from go for ‘Copacobana’ if your fair and ‘Laguna’ if your darker, with 3 shades in-between there is something for everyone! Apply with fingertips & You can also soften the edges with a small beauty blender.


Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.35.13 AM


Nose & Cupids Bow –  Tom Ford  ‘Shade & Illuminate’ – an oldie but a goodie, give’s the most beautiful sheen to the skin, you can use this down the bridge of the nose, cupids bow and even double up over the cheekbone for extra shine! For a more wallet friendly option try the Revlon Photoready Skinlights in ‘Bare Light’.

Inner Eye –  For the inside eye I find it’s best to go with a powder highlight, thus preventing your other makeup – i.e. eyeliner & mascara from transferring & smudging. You can use any shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow for this, for pale skin tones use silvery based products & for darker skin tones go for golden hues.

I love the the Laura Mercier Shimmer Block in ‘Golden Mosaic’ for darker skin tones and I would use ‘phloof’ eyeshadow by MAC for lighter skin tones.

Blush – Opt for sheer cream blushers to add a touch of colour but not to over power.

lightly dust the edges of the face with a super natural & slightly shimmery bronzer, use a large fluffy brush like the MAC #137 long blending brush (new fav). This adds just the right amount of depth to your face with no harsh lines or edges!images

Lips – A beautiful lip stain is perfcet for this ethereal look – choose your fav lippy and press on with your fingertips.

SMA xx

Photography // Ben Pyke

Model // Tammy @ scoop

H/MU // Nicola Johnson


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